Living with Elegance

An eCourse in Elegant Living

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Here's why you're going to love this!

  • Feel confident that you have your best look - even on those off days
  • Know how to speak easily - even if your knees are shaking
  • Create your own identity, your own look - your own brand
  • Learn some quick and easy methods to keep your home elegant
  • Make every day part of your elegant life by living an interesting life
  • Over 80 videos, skip to the one you want or watch over again
  • Practical ideas that you can take what you learn and make it your own

Be Elegant Every Day in Every Way

An extensive program for a life of elegant living

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  • Thinking Like a Lady

    In these videos we look at the mindset of a lady. Elegance doesn’t come from a bank balance, living in the right address or from external appearance of beauty. We learn about creating confidence, raising self-esteem and finding how to create the right thinking that helps to make a lady.

  • Hallmarks of Elegance

    We want to be like well-cut diamonds, showing our best attributes. In these videos we look at the tell-tale facets of being an elegant woman and learn to hone and shape the way we display and interact with the world.

  • Elegant Self Care

    Extreme self care and nurturing one’s inner and outer self is fundamental in living a life of elegance. These videos range from creating weekly rituals and splurging on beautiful lingerie to learning to say no to the pressure of trying to please others. Caring for your health and having fun is important to build into your life.

  • Elegant Personal Branding

    As a lady you are authentic to your own calling, your own inner voice. You are classy, fabulous and a little different from everyone else. You don’t conform to a fashion that doesn’t suit your style. You don’t look like a cookie cutter of others around you. These videos teach how to create your personal, unique brand that will continue to grow just like you do.

  • An Elegant Life - Ways of Living

    Elegant ladies lead interesting lives because they care about the small pleasures of life. They care about other people and how they feel. In these videos we look at how to develop small talk, manners, increasing your energy, ways to have more fun and how to be more interesting among many other topics.

  • Elegance at Work, looking at Wealth and Career

    Elegance in the workplace will be part of how you present yourself. Regardless of the kind of work you do and where you do it, whether you are required to wear a uniform or conform to a certain style, you can make yourself feel and be elegant. We discuss the importance of wealth creation and creating a career that works best for you.

  • Graceful and Elegant Relationships

    In these videos we look at some of the challenges relationships can have and how we can change our perceptions. We look at friendships, communication and how we can make a good first impression. We also look at making new friends and taking friendships to a deeper level.

  • Elegance at Home

    Here we look at creating your personal style at home, which is another form of your personal brand. We learn about the minimum maintenance plan for a home that is always elegant and the rapid house makeover plan for those emergencies when visitors are about to arrive. We cover entertaining and much more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q.What age group is this course for?

      A.Most women who message me are between 20 and 35. However there are also many women over 50 who also find this helpful and interesting.

    • Q.How do I access my free bonuses?

      A.At the beginning to the program membership page, there are links for your bonus products.

    • Q.What if I decide to cancel my membership?

      A.If you wish to cancel your membership, just let me know within 7 days and I will process your refund.  You can contact me at:

    • Q.Where are you and is this for people anywhere?

      A.I’m in New Zealand and believe the material is suitable for anyone who is interested in adding more elegance to their world. Many of the workshops and seminars I have attended and have learned some of what I teach, have been in the United States and Australia. I find most women struggle with the same issues, no matter where they are.

    • Q.Is this eCourse original material?

      A.The material in this course comes from many sources. It is a mixture of dozens of books that I have read, seminars I’ve attended mixed with my own life experience and from issues raised with my life coaching clients. It is original in how I have pulled it together and present it.

    • Q.Where should I start in the course?

      A.The course has been put together in a logical manner, and the videos within one sector will follow on, one from the other. It is easy to follow, has practical ideas you can start using straight away. You can contact me with your suggestions.


    Create Your Most Elegant Self and Have Fun While You Do



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